Discovering the Lowcountry | ETV Endowment Intern Cassidy

Sgt. Jasper Park in Hardeeville

Hi, everyone! I’m Cassidy Haynes, and I’m interning at the Beaufort SCETV station. In this first week alone, I’ve traveled to Hunting Island, Columbia, and Hardeeville, and so far it’s been a blast. I’m incredibly grateful to have an opportunity to see first-hand the work that goes into journalism and news reporting, and to share the highlights of my experience here. The first project assigned to my coworker, Imelda, and I is to capture photographs of iconic landmarks from each part of the county we reach. So far, we've had some interesting finds.

On Tuesday, my boss, Holly, took Imelda and me around Beaufort's historic district and to Hunting Island National Park. Being a Savannah native, it was exciting to tour the county and see all of its natural beauty. Downtown Beaufort has so much to offer in the way of entertainment, and the blend of waterfront views with chic shopping make it a pleasant destination for any occasion. After walking along the dock and in the marketplace, we headed over to the island. The thick foliage and humidity made the winding road to the beach feel almost like a jungle, with the spire of the lighthouse reaching high above the treeline. It was stark and bold against the blue sky, and if we'd had any more time we might've taken the trip up to the top. The beach itself was unlike anything I'd ever seen. The gnarled, bleached limbs and roots of the dead trees scattered across the sand made the entire place seem like an alien landscape.

On Thursday, we visited Sgt. Jasper Park in Hardeeville. Of the three, it was the most serene location. Lily pads floated above the water and the soft croak of frogs could be heard above the babble of the stream. There was so much life there, hiding just below the surface. In the coming days, Imelda and I will be working to narrow down our selection of photographs and waiting eagerly to see what the next week has in store.