Connecting and Sharing | Endowment Intern Shannon

Endowment Interns working on the intern video

Week six of my internship has been all about making connections and sharing experiences. I started the week by interviewing with fellow interns Rebecca and Jenna. Rebecca is working on the Endowment intern promo video, so we met to discuss my experiences, so far, working with SCETV. During the interview, I was able to share some advice that I would give to future intern applicants, which I thought was nice.

Next, I attended the Endowment intern luncheon. At the luncheon, I was able to meet and connect with the other interns. Each of us got to present our work and share our thoughts on the internship, so far. I discussed the video project that I completed on the Juneteenth event. I enjoyed the luncheon because I had the opportunity to see the variety of projects each intern takes on. In such a short time, the interns have been able to complete so much. So, I admire all of the work that the other interns do, and I’m proud to be a part of such a great program.

Also, I began interviewing for the next project I’m working on. I’ll be doing a video piece on the Old Town Farmers Market, so I interviewed two people who work closely with the event. During the interviews, I learned interesting details about the farmer's market and how it has grown over the years. I felt extra-confident going into the interviews because I’m getting better and better at conducting them. Later on, I will visit a farmer's market to record more clips for the video. I look forward to sharing this story because of the growing popularity of local markets.

All in all, this has been a productive week. I’m excited about the stories that I’m working toward because I’m more comfortable with the camera and audio equipment. My favorite part of the week was definitely the intern luncheon because the environment was so supportive. I’ve connected with many of the other interns and shared different ideas with them. I look forward to sharing more stories and seeing what my fellow interns will do in the next few weeks.