My Trip Into a Virtual World | Endowment Intern Imani

The SC State house

After my experience this week at ETV, I can confidently say that virtual reality is the future. And if you may doubt this claim, you must film using one these cameras, it will “wow” even the most technologically savvy. The camera takes a 360 scan and in high tech unison with an ipad, it captures whatever is in it radius. After taking 175 of those kind of scans, it can capture an enormous building like say, the South Carolina State House. In case that was too subtle, I assisted in filming a virtual reality tour in the South Carolina State House this past week. While virtual reality is often used in real estate and video games, ETV gave virtual reality an educational twist by filming the South Carolina Statehouse which is both historical and civically informative. I was assigned to research different aspects of the statehouse that users can read while navigating the site. As a political science and communications double major, this project was relevant and creative.

In addition to virtual reality tours, I worked with different techniques in transferring data. I also set schedules for different media which included: vimeo, youtube and photo galleries. “Setting schedules” is controlling when content is cycled through the ETV website. It promotes activity and ensures the content is updated. I’ve learned that the backstage work of a website can be a bit repetitive, but it is necessary and worth it.

I also posted my first Palmetto Scene blog which described a Furman student’s experience as an intern at South Carolina’s only state owned health insurance carrier. Through interview questions I wrote, I got a glimpse of her day-to-day schedule and was able to create an article. I was able to practice writing for media and writing about business, which incorportated a field I am new to (business) and a field I love (web and media).

This week at ETV has been filled with new lessons and experiences. To use an example, when I was given multiple tasks to do for the week, I made a checklist and allowed myself to jump in between projects. This system of working helped me to look at ideas with fresh eyes and I think this is a multitasking style that can be applied to different types work. I look forward to see what the next week has in store.