Irma: A Storm To Be Reckoned With

BEAUFORT, SC- After three years in Beaufort, I have experienced two hurricanes here...Matthew in October 2016 and now Irma. Waiting on a hurricane is very different in a town surrounded by water. There is so much preparation before hand. The house, pets, and outdoor furniture just to name a few. Boat owners are getting boats to dry storage or hooked up to trailers for evacuation. Sea island residents of Fripp, Hunting, Harbor and Daufuskie were asked to evacuate on Saturday starting at 10am. I visited Fripp and Hunting that morning and found myself sentimental as I stood at the very spot on South beach where I photographed the little blue cabin that was still standing there on October 8, the day after Hurricane Matthew hit. 

I will remember Irma as a storm to be reckoned with. Howling winds ripping through the quiet town of our sweet southern town, tossing the graceful Spanish moss frills around crooked oak tree branches and crossing sea walls during high tide. The water will recede. The sun will shine again. And the seaside town of Beaufort, SC and surrounding areas will survive and look back knowing we are Beaufort strong.