Chester County Farm Raises All-Natural Products

“I love meeting people of the community and having them come back and tell me, ‘I loved your pork chops, I love your sausages…we get so satisfied when we eat it, your chicken seems to go further than what I get from the grocery store…I love your eggs, my cakes are better.’ That’s just, that’s a big deal to me because I know that they are satisfied with what I’m doing, so what I’m doing must be right,” says Amy Thames, owner of Thames Farm in Fort Lawn, South Carolina.

Thames Farm is a ‘Farrowing to Finishing Operation’. Amy explains the uniqueness of that, saying, “we can follow that animal from birth to processing and we know exactly what has been in that animal, the life of that animal.” 

Thames Farm started hosting Farm Days about a year-and-a-half ago as a way to "introudce the farm to the community." Amy invites other farms and vendors to the event, as well. She says Farm Day helps "get our name out, and it's helped small businesses around here, too."

Her goal is to always "keep a healthy product out there, be able to share the farm with the community, introduce kids to the animals," and to help people know where their food is coming from.