A Brighter Future for Better Fathers

The Lancaster Fatherhood Project is a nonprofit organization that focuses on helping noncustodial fathers become responsible and involved in their children’s lives. Tyrom Faulkner, the Executive Director for the Lancaster Fatherhood Project, talks about their goal as an organization.

He says, “Our goal is to reengage fathers in the lives of their children in a positive manner. You know, to help them step up to the plate and be that Godly father that God intended for them to be, and our mission is: we exist to provide the tools for fathers to become positively engaged in the lives of their children, family and community. We believe that if we can get them to do that and change their mindset, that they can be better fathers and productive fathers.”

Tim Cureton, the Intervention Specialist for the Lancaster Fatherhood Project, adds to that, saying "Goal and mission goes hand in hand. We are  to make sure that every noncustodial low-income father is strengthened through education, through jobs, through parenting, co-parenting, relationships, and health.”

Mack Jones, an alumnus of the program, speaks to the effectiveness of the organization. He says, "When I first came to the Fatherhood, I wasn’t connected with my kids, and once I got into the Fatherhood, I was able to get help for myself and then I was able to help my kids." He continues, "You got to want to change yourself. You got to want to help your kids, and you know, I would recommend it to anyone.  The most important thing about being a father is love your kids."