Third-Year Medical Student Practices Telehealth During Psychiatric Rotation

Christine Sawda came from Virginia to South Carolina to go to medical school at MUSC. After completing two years of textbook education in medicine, she is excited about entering her third year, which means “rotations.” In medical education, a rotation (or clerkship) refers to the practice of medicine by medical students in hospitals and clinics where they have the opportunity to put into practice what they have been learning. Christine learned that one of the doctors at MUSC, Dr. Gwynette, was using telehealth in his practice. She was curious about telehealth and decided to give it a shot. As part of her inpatient pediatric psychiatry rotation with Dr. Gwynette, Christine interacts with patients at remote sites through a secure video link. The “my telehealth” team caught up with Christine to learn about her experience and perspective on the practice of telehealth.