Telehealth, Al Sharpton, and the Museum, Oh My! - Endowment Intern Sydney

Sydney and Al Sharpton

Well, I’m officially halfway through my internship! I tried to do a blog post last week, but things got a bit busy. Instead, I’ll just cover weeks four and five in this post.

Last week was quite productive. I continued to work on making our Pinterest boards look nicer, but I also did a little research on the history of Telehealth. I actually hadn’t heard the term “Telehealth” before I started my internship at ETV, but I have become much more familiar with it since then. SCETV has recently partnered with the South Carolina Telehealth Alliance to help educate people about this exciting and essential medical tool. Telehealth is a way for doctors and patients to be able to communicate back and forth by using technology (such as apps or video-chat) without having to meet in person face-to-face. This is particularly helpful for those who live in rural areas and may not be near a medical facility. I am glad to have been able to learn more about Telehealth as it is something I wouldn’t have thought to look up on my own, and yet it is an important part of the future of medicine. I look forward to learning even more about it! I (along with another Endowment Intern, Kaisha Young) have also been tasked with making the promotional video for the SCETV Endowment Internship. We’ll get to interview each intern about their experience with SCETV, and then edit the video, so it can be put on the website for next year’s interns to view

This week has also been pretty interesting. I have attended three meetings this week, two of which involved the other Endowment Interns and me, and formally introducing ourselves to the rest of SCETV’s staff. We were all nervous because none of us particularly like speaking in front of large groups, but we did pretty well. At the third meeting, Kaisha and I got to meet some members of the Telehealth Alliance. They were all very nice, and very enthusiastic about working with ETV to get the word out about Telehealth. Yesterday, I got to sit in on a live shoot for MSNBC. Reverend Al Sharpton was in town, and he stopped by to get some footage for his show on Sunday. It was interesting to meet the man that I have seen so many times on national television. I noticed that he seemed much quieter in person than he is on TV. I asked to get a picture with him, and he was happy to oblige. It was a unique opportunity that I doubt I could have had anywhere else! Finally, Kaisha and I, and another Endowment intern, Sarah Stone, all went with Tabitha to the South Carolina State Museum. Kaisha interviewed a woman who worked at the museum about its latest exhibit, titled “Race: Are We So Different?” When she was finished, each of us took turns learning how to take good shots with the camera using a shoulder mount. 

There’s still a lot to be done over the next few weeks of my internship, but I’m excited!