SC Grabs Top Ten Spot for High Number of Fast Food Restaurants

Fast Food Restaurant

Every now and then, fast foods just grab you. You duck in for a quick burger and fries and are on your way. Fast food has been around for decades, starting in the 1920s when White Castle was founded in Wichita, Kansas.  Taverns and coffee houses had been around since the 17th century, but the founding of places like White Castle and McDonalds brought a food to the public that typically had been considered fair or low-quality food: the cheeseburger. Over the years, the popularity and variety of what is considered to be fast food has multiplied. Drive down any highway and there are many signs telling you what you can get through a drive-through and keep going on your way. Fast food has made grabbing food easy, quick and acceptable.

So, where is the fast food capital of the nation? According to an article in The State, Paducah, Kentucky takes the number one spot for the highest density of fast food restaurants. The most popular? Burger King. South Carolina comes in as the number ten state, with the highest fast-food density in the nation, with Florence dominating the foodie scene in the fast lane. Five Guys is the most notable restaurant in the area.