ETV Carolinas: York Tech Students and South Carolina ETV!

Photo taken of York Technical College students using ETV Carolinas' studio.

As a student, the best way to be prepared for post-graduate life is real-life experience.  And, for students studying Teleproduction Technology at York Technical College, real-life experience can be found on the other side of the hallway.

ETV Carolinas is located on York Technical College’s campus. Because of the partnership between South Carolina ETV and York Technical College, students are able to use the professional equipment that SCETV makes available weekly. On a rotational schedule, the students take turns completing different jobs in a television studio setting. By doing so, they are preparing themselves for the careers they want after they complete their education.

In fact, Will Bartlett, a student at York Technical College, says: “I’m really enjoying the program so far…getting into the studio, actually getting our hands on the cameras, and really starting to mess with the audio and visuals at the same time, because that’s exactly what I want to work with when I get out of school.”

Working with the equipment at the ETV Carolinas facility provides a glimpse into the creative aspect of creating television, as well. Another York Technical College student, Jacob Huffman, comments: “I like using the cameras. It’s fun to get a grasp on studio production and try to figure out what the brains behind the actual TV show itself are. There are so many components to it.”

That being said, this program doesn’t limit itself to students who hope to start a career in television.  Hunter Davidson, York Technical College student, says he is “more into the musical aspects of this program” and likes “using the audio mixer the most.”