Dream Job | Endowment Intern Kristina

Endowment Intern Kristina

Four weeks into this internship, and I’m still blown away by how lucky I was to be chosen to work here. I’ve only been here for a month, but I’ve already written nine articles and have gone on three shoots. I got to interview someone at the Riverbanks Zoo on Facebook live, I talked to a USC track athlete who is going to the Olympics, and last week I went to a farm that rescues Potbelly Pigs! 

Everyone here has been so welcoming and encouraging. My mentor is Aimee Crouch (she’s the best thing since sliced bread) has been wonderful in helping me adjust here. It’s great to work in an environment in which you are treated like a responsible adult and a part of the team. I’ve had friends whose internships mostly consisted of coffee runs and note-taking, but here at ETV, I feel like my skills are being utilized and like I’m learning something new every day. Whether I’m hanging out with the camera crew behind the scenes in the Palmetto Scene studio, or taking pictures of sea lions in a new zoo exhibit, this internship has already shown me that the life of a journalist is never boring.