Meet Mike Meyers, CEO and Co-Founder of Local Start-up, Tradeversity

Meet Mike Meyers, CEO and Co-Founder of Local Start-up, Tradeversity

“Leadership isn’t something where you go out and say, ‘I am a leader.’ It’s who you are on a daily basis and how you handle yourself.”

The University of South Carolina alumnus, Mike Meyers, certainly has a lot to share about his experience running his startup company Tradeversity. As co-founder and CEO of Tradeversity, Meyers works with seven interns at the USC/Columbia Technology Incubator to further develop his company.

Tradeversity is an exclusive online marketplace on which students and staff can buy, sell, and trade products within the USC community. It is exclusive because all members are required to create their account using their active .edu address that is associated with their university campus.

The 23-year-old entrepreneur thanks his parents for the support they have provided during his journey.

“My parents are my biggest mentors, my biggest supporters, and also my biggest inspirations,” Meyers said.

Meyers added that he has learned and discovered many skills during the course of this experience, including his passion for public speaking.

As the City of Columbia continues to foster innovation locally, Meyers and his team hope to become a success story from the local  community. “Our goal is to be the ones who help to give back and try to jump-start that innovation,” he said.

Tradeversity has already attracted more than 1800 student users. New announcements about the company will be made in the second semester of 2015.