Meet Harold Hatcher, Chief of the Waccamaw Indian People

Meet Harold Hatcher, Chief of the Waccamaw Indian People

“No great man became great by doing what his predecessors did. Great people see things that are wrong and fix them.” These are the words that Chief Hatcher lives by.

Harold Hatcher is the chief of the Waccamaw people. He has been chief since the tribe's founding in 1992.

According to the tribe's website, the people are “striving to retain what remains of our history, arts, and crafts, and to regain the heritage afforded us by our ancestors.”

At the South Carolina Commission of Minority Affairs meeting on February 17, 2005, the Waccamaw Indian People made history by becoming the first of two state-recognized tribes in the history of the state of South Carolina.

Today there are eight state-recognized tribes in South Carolina.

The Tribal Council has declared February 17 the date our tribe became state-recognized, as a tribal holiday.  To celebrate this event, there will be a tribal gathering on February 20, 2016 at our Tribal grounds at 591 Bluewater Road, Aynor, S.C.

Native American Heritage Month is celebrated from November 1 through November 30 each year. What began as a day of honoring the first Americans became a full month in 1990 when President George H. W. Bush approved a joint resolution designating November as "National American Indian Heritage Month. To learn more about the Native American culture visit Knowitall Media