Charleston Meets in the Middle

On Sunday evening, after a prayer service outside Mother Emmanuel A.M.E. Church, people gathered at each end of the famous Charleston bridge. Walking together in unity, marchers met in the middle of the bridge, to hold hands and remember the nine who lost their lives in the church shooting that happened during a Bible study meeting on Wednesday, June 17.

The walk and hand-holding, meant to symbolize that the city and its many diverse people were united as one in love and support for each other, started at 7:45 as the sun set behind the Holy City. Organizers estimated that over two-thousand people marched the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge. The line of marchers stretched over two miles.

Support was also shown by those driving by, and many honked their horns, waved and yelled supportive comments through their windows. Boats below the bridge gathered, waving American flags. 

As one marcher, Immanuel Smalls, told Palmetto Scene, "When we stand together, when we march like this together, it shows America that we can't be broken...shows that we are strong."