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As South Carolina's public educational broadcasting network, we work hard to ensure that our content ampli es South Carolina voices, provides educational experiences and strengthens communities, while working to create a stronger, more connected and informed South Carolina.

Today, we want to hear your voice. 

We want to know why you're watching or listening to our programs; what you want to hear and see more of. We want you to help us shape the future of South Carolina public radio and television. 

This form should only take about 5 minutes, and every answer goes a long way to helping us maintain programming excellence.

Did you know that you can watch PBS shows online or through streaming services, not just on regular TV?
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Covering local, national, and international news. Providing analysis and commentary on current events.
Covering the arts, literature, music, and cultural events in the community.
Covering scientific research, new technologies, and their impact on society.
Covering issues related to education, such as early childhood education, K-12, and higher education.
Covering issues related to the environment, such as climate change, sustainability, and conservation.
Covering issues related to health and wellness such as mental health, nutrition, and fitness.
Covering local and national history and individuals that have made significant contributions, including the stories of underrepresented groups.
Covering issues related to public policy, government, and civic engagement.
Covering issues related to business and economics such as entrepreneurship, personal finance, and the global economy.
Covering local and national sports, including analysis and commentary on major events.
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