Professional Development Courses

Find free Professional Development Courses below. Certificates can be printed upon completion.

Self-Paced PD Courses

PBS Learning Media - K12 Professonal Development

Coaching/Teacher Evaluations

Professional Learning for Peer Observers 2nd Edition 

Classroom Management

Positive Behavior in Schools I: Introduction to Schoolwide Behavior Systems 

Assessment & Evaluation

Formative Assessment in Practice: Administration and Leadership
Formative Assessment in Practice: Elementary Classrooms
Formative Assessment in Practice: Secondary Classrooms
Demonstrating Formative Assessment in the Science Classroom: Using the FARROP to Inform Practice
GED® Test Info: Reasoning Through Language Arts
GED® Test Info: Mathematics

Effective Instruction & Classroom Strategies

Classroom Video Production
Getting Started with Science Notebooks | Science Notebooking
Writing | Reading Rockets: Topics A to Z

Planning & Preparation
Constructing Media Messages
Understanding Copyright & Fair Use
Designing Presentations
Developing a Blog
Safety and Privacy in Participatory Culture
How to Manage & Assess Media Projects
Using Media as Core Text