2022 Gubernatorial Debate

Guidelines for Participation and Format


  • Gavin Jackson will moderate the debate along with Andy Shain from The Post and Courier.
  • Confirmed candidates that meet SCETV Debate Criteria are eligible to participate.
    • Confirmed candidates
      • Henry McMaster
      • Joe Cunningham
  • There will be no audience or general public admission.
  • Candidates may bring 3-4 staff/guests.


Questions will focus on a variety of issues pertinent to the office.


  • Names will be drawn prior to the debate for podium position, order of questions and green rooms.
  • Each candidate will be provided with a pad and pen for taking notes during the debate.
  • Each candidate will be allowed a one-minute opening statement.
  • Each candidate will have 60 seconds to respond to the question with a 30 second rebuttal, if necessary.


  • Candidates are asked to arrive to the location 30-45 minutes prior to airtime.
  • Candidates will be shown the studio (time permitting) and their location on set when they arrive.  
  • Candidates and guests will be provided a room prior to the debate.  
  • Candidates will be escorted to the studio 15 minutes prior to air.
  • Make-up will be available. Candidates may provide their own make-up artist, if desired.
  • Water will be made available.

Disallowed Materials

  • The candidates will bring no notes or props.
  • Candidates will not wear campaign buttons or have any signs on set.

Candidates agree that recordings of debates will not be repurposed for campaign or commercial purposes.

Media Information for SCETV/The Post and Courier’s 2022 Gubernatorial Debate

SCETV and The Post and Courier’s 2022 Gubernatorial Debate at SCETV in Columbia, SC will be open to credentialed media. The debate will be held on October 26 at SCETV in Columbia and will be aired live on SCETV’s statewide network from 7-8 p.m.

  • TV and still cameras are allowed inside the venue leading up to the start of the live 7 p.m. debate but must be out of venue by 6:55 p.m.
  • The Post and Courier will have a pool photographer taking photos throughout the debate.
  • For television/radio stations wanting video/audio of live event, we will have a multi-box at the production truck.
  • There will not be an official spin room, but once the debate is complete, journalists are welcome to talk to candidates. This will be up to the campaigns.
  • There will be a filing room set up for reporters to watch the debate and file stories.

Press interested in attending or covering this event should RSVP to SCETV Communications at media@scetv.org for details.