WiFi Hotspots

Expanding Capacity

SCETV is currently partnering with afterschool programs, early childcare centers, school districts, and other organizations to provide Wi-Fi hotspot devices free of charge in our state’s neediest locations.

Questions about the Wi-Fi program? Contact us at etveducation@scetv.org or call 1-800-277-3245.

If they are to remain competitive among their peers, students in this digital age need access to the Internet. In order to support the creation of connected learning environments for South Carolina students, SCETV established a Wi-Fi hotspot lending program in 2017.  Approximately 20% of South Carolina households are without Internet access for myriad reasons, with percentages as large as 60 and 70% in some of the state’s most rural counties. Consequently, several public school districts in South Carolina offer limited online instruction and resources for their students. SCETV is currently partnering with afterschool programs, Early Childcare Centers, school districts, and other organizations to provide Wi-Fi hotspot devices free of charge in our state’s most neediest locations.

What is a Wi-Fi Hotspot or “hotspot?”

Wi-Fi hotspot is simply a device that allows users to connect to an accessible wireless network.  SCETV Hotspots connect to Sprint’s wireless network coverage.  Users can connect a phone, tablet, computer, or other device to a hotspot in order to have wireless internet access, also known as Wi-Fi.  

What entities are eligible to receive hotspots through ETV?

The hotspots through this partnership must be used for educational purposes. Typically, partners have included early learning centers, learning centers, and members of the SC Afterschool Alliance. Contact us at etveducation@scetv.org if you have questions about whether your organization is eligible to receive a hotspot.

What can a user access through the hotspot?

Users can access websites and resources that require an Internet connection. Because these devices are intended for educational use, there are some websites that are blocked. The list of blocked sites can be adjusted depending on the needs of the individual location.

How many devices can an agency receive?

Typically, partners receive one device per physical location. Currently, SCETV is piloting a partnership that will support the provision of devices directly to students. Direct specific questions about your interest in this partnership to etveducation@scetv.org.

How do I know if my agency’s location is able to receive a hotspot signal?

Devices are serviced through an agreement between SCETV and Sprint. You can check available Wi-Fi coverage for your specific location at the Sprint website