Instructional Design

Did You Know?

SCETV can help create custom training modules for public safety and other state government entities.

SCETV can assist with your online training development needs.  From interactive online instruction and assessment, to application software simulations, or HD video demonstrations, we can help you develop eLearning assets to meet your training objectives.

Make eLearning engaging with interactive learning modules, quizzes, or fun drag-and-drop games that can run on any device.  We work with your content to develop training to meet your goals. If you need to deliver an online course for credit or certification; or demonstrate how to use a software application; or produce a “how-to” or product video, ETV Education staff can assist you.

Our instructional design services and formats are highly customizable. We work with your subject matter experts to build responsive interactive-learning that users may access on any digital device platform.  In addition to customizing your online instruction, our Instructional Design staff can customize student access and reporting to your specifications. SCETV also offers video servers, ecommerce, and Learning Management Service hosting services if needed.

If you would like more information, please contact:

VJ Allred
Director, Education Instructional Design
803-737-3245 or 1-800-277-3245 (toll free)



SC Division of Operations - Interoperability Communications Training for all Public Safety and First Responders

Public Service Commission Training

SC Public Service Commission – Online Docket, EFile, and eTarriff Systems Training Simulations

SLED Constable Training

SC Criminal Justice Academy Recertification Training for SLED State Constables and Retired Agents