Spring II 2024

REGISTRATION CLOSED  |  SESSION: April 26 - Revised deadline to complete: June 6 @ 9pm

     Summer 2024  |  
      LIMITED REGISTRATION: June 3 - July 26  |  SESSION: July 8 - August 15

Participants MUST have basic computer knowledge, a reliable, internet-capable device, and strong internet service. Video viewing is required.

Self-paced Course Information

All SCETVLearn Recertification courses are self-paced. "Self-paced" is a way of learning that lets the course participants go at their own speed, as fast or as slow as they want or need. Participants only time limitation is the end date of the session. All work must be completed by the end date of the session.

  • Each $75 course earns 20 renewal credits (NO Graduate Credit) and is offered each session
  • All courses are self-paced
    • (you cannot see or access your courses until start date of the session)
      • all work is completed online 
      • course site can be accessed anytime from anywhere
      • must complete by session end date
      • participants will view video lessons online and then post a response to discussion topics
        ^ each response is required to be at least 100 words
  • If you are currently employed in a SC school district, you must submit copy of Certificate(s) of Completion to your District Renewal/PD Coordinator
  • If you are NOT currently employed in a SC school district, you must submit a request using My SC Educator Portal and upload your course certificate there (go to site for specific details)
ETV LEARN Recertification Course Contact Information

The ETV LEARN courses are available!  We will be reviewing your work and continue to be responsive to any questions or issues you have.

Contact Information:  

Thank you for your patience.

Payment Information

Pay online with credit card or send check at the time of registration.

Send payment to:

ETV Education
ATTN: Erical Jones
1041 George Rogers Blvd.
Columbia, SC 29201

We do not accept American Express.

Certificate Information

Once all work is approved and post course survey is completed, your Certificate of Completion will unlock to access and print. Please view your certificate within 2 weeks of completing your course/survey to ensure your renewal credit completion date is accurate. Please be sure to print/save a copy for your records.

Per the SCDE's "Renewing a Professional Certificate" webpage, please note the following next steps for submitting your SCDE Renewal Credit course certificate to the right authority: 

  • Employed in a South Carolina Public School District
    • Submit your course certificate to your district's Human Resources Office. The designed Renewal Coordinator for the district has access to SCDE certificate records and may renew a certificate directly.
    • DO NOT submit your certificate to the SCDE, "Renewal request submitted by South Carolina public school district employees district employees directly to the Office of Educator Services will be denied."
  • Employed in a "Renewal Entity" or "Office of the SCDE", please see this page:
  • Otherwise (currently non-employed, or employed at a private school, out-of-state school, institute of higher education, daycare, nursery, private company, non-education setting, or third-party education contractor...)

South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE)

Educator Services - South Carolina Department of Education 

Educator Services Call Center 

(803) 896-0325 
M, W, F    12:30 to 4:30 p.m. 
Tu & Th    9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 
*Except on state holidays

Please click on the SUBJECT photo below to view courses and descriptions. 

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the courses listed may not be available this session due to course updates and curriculum changes. Go to the registration page to see what is being offered. If you are interested in a course but do not see it on the registration page, please contact us at or 888-761-8132. Thanks for your patience.


ETV LEARN Self-paced Renewal Subjects/Courses

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