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Our Educator Guest Blogger Series serves as an additional platform to our Carolina Classrooms television and web series to elevate and share South Carolina educators’ voices and the accomplished work they are doing. Our goal is to provide interesting and relevant educational ideas for SC teachers and to promote community among our state educators.

  • You must be a South Carolina educator to participate.

Please note that in addition to sharing your blog on our website, we might also share it via social media, our monthly e-newsletter, and/or point to it from within our ETV Teacher Recertification courses.

Suggested guidelines:

  • Word count: 500-1000
  • Characters (w/out spaces): 2500–6000
  • Bullet listing is encouraged where appropriate
  • Avoid paragraphs with several long sentences

Sample content ideas:

  • how you’re using an ETV education resource
  • reflection or success story on teaching, career paths, changes in education since you began
  • new trends you see
  • specific subject or grade-level issues
  • assessment issues
  • classroom management
  • 1:1 learning or PBL
  • collaboration tips

Teachers are your audience so it’s okay to be honest about any struggles along the way; we only ask that your post be ultimately positive in nature and that if it addresses political issues, that it do so with consideration for a variety of views. We reserve the right to suggest possible edits or reject a contribution if necessary.

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