DRAFT_Engagement Opportunities

The ETV Education team enjoys engaging with educators and students and offers the following FREE opportunities.

photo of SCETV control booth

MediaSCape Studio

New! Our MediaSCape Studio is a special space for students to explore the world of television and digital production with the same equipment and technology we use to produce the shows you love! The studio features a large screen, podcast suite, production equipment, greenscreen, and so much more. 

Engage your students or youth group at the studio; email your request to MediaSCapeStudio@scetv.org.

Event Presentations and Booth Exhibits

Hosting an event for educators or students? We offer presentations for educators on a variety of topics, and we enjoy hosting resource ‘booths’ for educators and students alike, often to include great ETV-branded giveaways. 

Email your request with relevant information to etveducation@scetv.org.

Field trips/tours

The SCETV Education team is delighted to welcome students across South Carolina to our main facility in Columbia for customized tours and field trips. Students can learn about the world of public media, including the many types of jobs involved, and, if time allows, engage in a standards-based learning activity.

Line up the students and schedule your free field trip to SCETV!  

photo of SCETV representation at school career day event

Career Day Representation

ETV Education is happy to attend your Career Day event and share information regarding the many career profiles in our agency as well as other career information resources. 

Submit your request for representation today.