SCETV Unpaid Internships

The SCETV Internship Program is an excellent way for you to participate in the dynamic field of public television. SCETV provides an educational experience built on practical, hands-on training and challenging learning assignments. You provide ETV with an infusion of energy, new ideas and the opportunity to enhance our mission of teaching.

About Our Internships

You may serve as an unpaid intern or work as part of an assistantship through your college or university. Students who work in these assignments fall under the administration of the SCETV Internship Policy.

Internships in each of the following areas may or may not be available in each school session. Supervisors will determine the need for interns prior to accepting interns for each session.

Primary Areas

  • Broadcasting (Television and Radio) Division
  • Digital (Multimedia)
  • Engineering Department
  • Information Technology and Support
  • Regional Stations - Rock Hill, WNSC-TV/30; Spartanburg, WRET-TV/49; Sumter, WRJA-TV/27

Limited Internships

  • Administration
  • Communications/Public Information
  • Education

Is This Program For You?

You should be enrolled in a college or university program. If you are enrolled in a technical college or school in broadcast engineering or electronics and data processing disciplines you may be considered for an internship. Additionally, you must be able to commit to a semester-length or summer program. Limited opportunities may exist for internships for interested high school students. This program does not supersede existing arrangements between certain institutions and ETV regional stations for short-term (weekly) assignments.

How Do You Apply?

Applications are accepted prior to the Autumn, Spring and Summer academic periods. 

Apply Online

The periods of application and internships are as follows:

Autumn Session - September through December (June 1-31)
Spring Session - January through April (Sept. 1-31)
Summer Session - May through August (February 1-28)

You should submit the ETV Public Broadcasting Unpaid Internship Application in the appropriate application period, identifying the time-period and kind of internship in which you are interested. Evaluate your work experience, college courses and aptitude, and apply for internships related to these factors. ETV encourages diversity in all of its student training programs.


If a supervisor reviews your application and is interested, he or she will call you. Not all applicants will receive an interview. Additionally, interns will only be selected for the number of available internships in the specific session. You must reapply for each internship session unless you are continuing to work at ETV across sessions. Acceptance must also be approved by the ETV Office of Human Resources.

Thom Mayer
HR Director
Phone: 803.737.3249

English Britton
HR Manager
Phone: 803.737. 3395