Producing for South Carolina ETV

South Carolina ETV is South Carolina’s most trusted source for information, entertainment, and inspiration.

We engage in local and national production partnerships to help us tell the stories of our community and deliver a broad lineup of content that reflects the diversity of the audiences we serve. 
As we develop content for broadcast TV and Radio, as well Digital, we welcome ideas, works in progress or those seeking a distribution platform for finished products.  

There are three ways you can become involved with South Carolina ETV. 

Technical Specifications for submitting programming should be as follows: 

Video specs for On Air: 

  • Resolution: 1920x1080
  • Container: MXF OP1a
  • Video Format: 1080i/59.94
  • Video Essence: XDCAM HD422: 4:2:2, at 50 Mbps MXF OP1a  
  • Field Order: Upper field first (TFF), Audio Essence: PCM Uncompressed  
  • Audio Format: 48 KHz sample rate, 24bit depth 
  • Audio Channels:  
  • Channel 1 - Stereo Left  
  • Channel 2 - Stereo Right  
  • Channel 3 - DVI Mono (if available)  
  • Channel 4 - DVI Mono (if available)  
  • Channel 5 - SAP Mono (if available)  
  • Channel 6 - SAP Mono (if available) 

  Please Note: Captioning is required.