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South Carolina Public Radio is designated as the media of record by the state and is the primary vehicle for statewide information during natural disasters and other emergencies. During the most recent snowstorm, the staff worked around the clock to provide emergency information to listeners across the state.

South Carolina Public Radio serves as a backbone of the state’s Emergency Alert System. WLTR-FM in Columbia is South Carolina’s primary backup station with several other South Carolina Public Radio stations serving as the state’s alternate relay stations.

All 46 counties are served by AMBER Alert and National Weather Service alerts via ETV and South Carolina Public Radio.

ETV houses and maintains all 14 South Carolina weather transmitters for the National Weather Service on our towers.

ETV houses, maintains and provides the microwave interconnection for all of the 25 radio repeaters of the South Carolina Healthcare Emergency Amateur Radio Team (SCHEART). It reaches most of the sixty-plus hospitals that receive funding through the Hospital Preparedness Program. ETV is a partner in the collaboration of SCHEART, which includes the USC Center for Public Health Preparedness, the SC Emergency Management Division, SC Department of Health and Environment Control, Division of Information Services, SC Hospital Association, and many other partners.

ETV houses and maintains all 12 radio repeaters of the South Carolina Wing of the Civil Air Patrol. These repeaters are used in communications to support air search and rescue and are also under agreement for use by the U.S. Air Force and Department of Homeland Security when needed.

Television Transmitters

ETV TV Coverage Map

Radio Transmitters

ETV Radio Coverage Map