Meet the Helpers and weather-related resources

graphic showing a large cloud and the words 'Weather Resources'

With the changing of the seasons and hurricane season clearly upon us (looking at you, Ian), it's a great time to take stock of the many weather and safety resources ETV Education offers.

These free digital resources are not only helpful but meaningfully designed to enhance your instruction and help students prepare for this time of the year.

  • Meet the Helpers - Meet the Helpers is designed to introduce “helpers” to PreK-2nd grade learners and explain the role they play in emergency situations.
  • SCETV Weather Page – SCETV’s weather page provides up-to-the-minute data and weather throughout South Carolina. See webcams from atop our many stations and read the latest weather stories.
  • Forms of Weather Lesson - Kindergarten students will learn about various forms of weather and be able to explain which are alike through grouping.
  • Weather Condition Analysis Lesson – Sixth grade students will be using weather tools and maps to analyze and interpret data to predict local weather patterns and conditions. They will record their data in their journals to make an accurate weather prediction.
  • Severe Weather Safety Lesson – Second grade students will review severe weather and what these forecasts entail, as well as learn about how they can stay at school or at home during these storms.
  • Ron Morales - The National Weather Service | Sea Change – The video interview with Ron Morales of the National Weather Service in Beaufort, SC answers many questions about the impacts and predictability of hurricanes.
  • Using NASA Technology to Track Hurricanes | NASA Online – This interactive resource uses computer weather models for scientists that can produce relatively accurate forecasts of a hurricane's path.
  • Mark Wilbert - Emergency Management | Sea Change – This video interview with Mark Wilbert, who works in Emergency Management in Charleston, SC, answers many questions including how to prepare for severe weather.
  • Bringing the Universe to America's Classrooms | Weather & Climate – This PBS LearningMedia multimedia collection for all grades allows students to observe and describe weather conditions in images, videos, and maps, plus analyze data to find weather patterns and characterize regional climate.
  • Seasonal Science – This PBS LearningMedia video collection for grades 6-12 helps reveal the science behind the changing of the seasons from weather to human behavior and critter habits.

Our KnowItAll and PBS LearningMedia digital content sites offer more resources too. Please let us know which resources you use in the classroom and the outcomes; we welcome your insights and feedback! Share your outcomes by emailing us at Stay safe and have a happy autumn!