INPUT (the acronym is derived from INternational PUblic Television) is an annual weeklong television showcase where the rules of broadcasting are challenged and redefined. This event, held in a different country each year, is the only international conference that focuses specifically on the innovative programs produced by public, as opposed to commercial, broadcasters.

The International Public Television Screening Conference, or INPUT, was created to promote the exchange of television programs, ideas, and production techniques among broadcasters from around the world. Its goal is to challenge and motivate producers to improve the quality of public service broadcasting worldwide.

INPUT delegates have the rare opportunity to screen some of the most innovative and thought-provoking programs produced for public television around the world. Immediately after each program screening, there is a discussion session with the filmmaker to debate production approaches and subject matter in relation to public television's mission. This intense scrutiny of craft and dialogue among concerned television professionals on an international level makes Input an exceptional seminar for professional development.

There is no other seminar for program makers like INPUT within public television in this country. The insight and experience gained by presenting work for discussion and critique by an international audience, as well as the exchange of program ideas and technologies, are invaluable to improve the skills of producers who are the creators of programming for public television on a local and national level.

For more information about Input, contact the U.S. INPUT National Coordinators:

Betsy Newman -  (803) 737-3466

Xavier Blake -  (803) 528-1791