You're Doing It Wrong

Tips and life-hacks from the comedy duo, the Sklar Brothers.


  • Extending the Life of Your Phone

    Get the most out of your charge.
  • How to Pick Up Broken Glass

    Next time you break a bit of glass, fear not! The Sklars have you covered.
  • How to Get Rid of Hiccups

    There are a LOT of tricks to help cure your hiccups, but most of them are wrong!
  • You're Packing Wrong!

    Considering how much we travel, packing for a trip should be a breeze... but it never is!
  • Finding Better Ways to Break Up

    Nobody ever says breaking up is easy... because you've been doing it all wrong!
  • Are You Washing Your Hands Correctly?

    Keeping your hands sparkling clean? Odds are you're still doing it wrong!
  • How Much Should You Tip?

    Sick of that anxious feeling trying to figure out who and how much to tip?
  • How to Play Air Guitar

    Think you can just pick up the air guitar, no strings attached?

About You're Doing It Wrong

We waste a lot of time and money every day just by doing things wrong! Armed with facts, figures, and fun, comedy hosts Randy and Jason Sklar offer up a laundry list of life-hacks to help get you back on track, with topics ranging from packing, showering, charging your phone, and more!