Word World

The Word Friends face challenges that can only be resolved by using the correct word.


  • Think in the Rink/X Marks the Spot

    Duck and Dog break the ice skating rink. / Duck searches for his missing letter X.
  • The Really Red Ruby/Firefighters to the Rescue

    Frog and Sheep go on an exciting adventure. / Duck and Fly want to become firefighters.
  • Kite Flight

    When Frog sails away on a big kite he built, it's up to Duck and Shark to save him.
  • Kite Flight/Hide and Seek

    When Frog sails away on a big kite he built./The WordFriends play a game of Hide and Seek.
  • A String's the Thing/J-J-Jelly

    The friends save WordWorld from being covered in frosting. /Pig asks for help making jars.
  • Bear's Bed Sled/Sh-Sh-Shark!

    Bear gets help sledding in the snow. / Shark is misunderstood.
  • Welcome Home, Duck/The Lost Letter L

    Frog makes a 'Welcome Home' banner for Duck. / Duck breaks the L off Frog's lamp.
  • Dog's Having a Party/Dog Wants to Play Ball

    Dog and Duck want to throw a party. / Dog wants to play ball but his friends won't listen.

About Word World

Word World empowers children as early readers by making the important connections between letters, sounds, words and meaning that are necessary for reading. The animated Word Friends go on adventures and face challenges that can only be resolved using the correct word. <br/> <strong>Ages:</strong> 3-5<br/> <strong>Educational Goal:</strong> Language and Literacy