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  • The Devastation of War

    It’s been almost three weeks since Russia invaded Ukraine and the death toll is rising.
  • A Week of War in Europe and Challenges at Home

    As Russia’s war with Ukraine escalates, The U.S. and NATO allies are ramping up sanctions.
  • War in Europe and A Historic Supreme Court Pick

    The world is seeing the largest military attack in Europe since World War II.
  • Russia - Ukraine Tensions and Domestic Risks

    President Biden said he is convinced Vladimir Putin has decided to invade Ukraine.
  • Foreign Threats and Domestic Divisions

    Tensions escalate between Russia and Ukraine. Trump's handling of documents is scrutinized
  • Pence Speaks Out and President Biden Under Pressure

    Biden held a bipartisan meeting with senators to discuss his future Supreme Court nominee.
  • Justice Breyer Retires and The Latest from Ukraine

    8,500 American troops are on "high alert" for possible deployment to Eastern Europe.
  • President Biden’s First Year in Office

    This week marked one year since Biden took office and he's facing pressure from all sides.


  • Trump acts on Muslim ban and is set to name SCOTUS nominee

    Trump signs executive order freezing refugee visas from predominantly Muslim countries.
  • First Trump nominees confirmed, Clinton attends inauguration

    The Senate confirmed two of Trump's national security cabinet nominations.
  • Obama says farewell and awards Biden Medal of Freedom

    President Obama delivers and emotional farewell address in Chicago.
  • Trump's remaining 600+ vacancies

    Trump still has over 600 nominees announce with less than 2 weeks until inauguration.
  • Global impact of Trump's tweets, Obama says he'd beat Trump

    How do world leaders respond to Donald Trump's Twitter feed?
  • Obama as a role model for black children

    Stories about President Obama's personal legacy from his two terms in office.
  • Electoral College votes Monday

    Just one elector has said he go against the wishes of his state and not vote for Trump.
  • How Obama, Trump & Congress are responding to Russian hacks

    U.S. intelligence agencies blame Russia for hacks meant to undermine the election.

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  • What the Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act does for civil rights

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