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  • Biden Defends Voting Rights as Texas Democrats Flee

    President Biden called out Republican lawmakers in a passionate speech addressing their on
  • The U.S. Winds Down the War in Afghanistan

    Biden announced that all U.S. troops will leave Afghanistan by the end of August.
  • President Biden Visits Surfside After Deadly Collapse

    President Biden met with families impacted by the condominium collapse near Miami, Fla.
  • President Biden’s Infrastructure Breakthrough

    Is the bipartisan infrastructure deal already in danger of falling apart?
  • President Biden & Vladimir Putin Face Off In Historic Summit

    President Biden pressed Russian leader Putin at a summit in Geneva.
  • President Joe Biden’s First Overseas Trip

    President Biden is on his first trip abroad, promoting democracy as he meets with the G7.
  • The Battle for Democracy

    Biden tasked Harris with protecting voting rights as states enact strict new voting laws.
  • George Floyd's Death: One Year Later

    A year after George Floyd's murder, the panel discussed what’s changed and what hasn’t.


  • Democrats plan to filibuster Gorsuch

    After confirmation hearings for SCOTUS Nominee Neil Gorsuch, Democrats plan to fight.
  • Two federal courts block new travel ban

    Ban on travel from six Muslim-majority countries temporarily blocked.
  • Massive cuts to HUD budget, Huntsman as Russian ambassador

    Housing and meal assistance to be eliminated in $6 billion cuts to HUD.
  • Trump inaugural pastor helps undocumented immigrants

    A Sacramento pastor sets up a safe space for immigrants in his church.
  • Latino activists fight Trump's agenda

    Hispanic political operatives meet to figure out how to combat Trump's immigration agenda.
  • FBI director briefs Intel Committee, VP Pence's role

    FBI Director James Comey discusses the Trump administration's connection to Russia.
  • Angry constituents pack Congressional town halls

    Republican and Democratic lawmakers are facing angry constituents across the country.
  • Tillerson arrives at State, Conway's role in the White House

    How will new Secretary of State Rex Tillerson impact American foreign policy?

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