The story of partners, Freddie (Ian McKellen) and Stuart (Derek Jacobi).


  • Flatmates

    Freddie and Stuart’s falling out starts to affect their friends.
  • Stag Do

    Newly single Violet and Ash consider dating new people.
  • Ballroom

    The gang goes to ballroom dancing class, where Stuart and Violet impress the teacher.
  • Gym

    Stuart and Freddie join Ash at the gym.
  • Sister

    Violet panics when her sister announces a visit.
  • Episode 6

    Freddie and Stuart’s anniversary party is a typically awkward and eventful evening.
  • Episode 5

    Find out why a dinner party at Freddie and Stuart’s becomes a tense affair.
  • Episode 4

    Watch what happens when Freddie, Stuart and Ash’s trendy friends go clubbing.


  • Holiday Special 2014

    Freddie and Stuart host a holiday soiree in their small central London flat.

About Vicious

The story of partners, Freddie (Ian McKellen) and Stuart (Derek Jacobi), who have lived together in a small central London flat for nearly 50 years. Constantly picking each other apart and holding on to petty slights for decades, Freddie and Stuart are always at each other's throats, cracking snide remarks aimed at the other's age, appearance, and flaws.