Sesame Street

Sesame Street focuses on cognitive, social, emotional and physical development.


  • Let's Draw

    Rudy feels frustrated because he made a mistake on his drawing.
  • New Neighbor on Sesame Street

    There’s a new friend on Sesame Street!
  • Elmo's Good Luck Charm

    Elmo loses his lucky baseball card before a game but learns he can still play without it.
  • The Great Fruit Strike

    All of the fruit leave Sesame Street because they think no one likes them.
  • Abby Poofs a Party

    Leela and Chris are going to a party in the neighborhood so Abby helps Leela get dressed.
  • Humpty Dumpty's Football Dream

    Humpty Dumpty decides to join the King's Horses & Men in their annual football game.
  • A Recipe for Dance

    Chris and Rudy have trouble with dance so they leave class but then decide not to give up.
  • Grouch University

    Sesame Street friends are part of Oscar’s experiments when he enrolls in an online class.


  • When You Wish Upon a Pickle: A Sesame Street Special

    A mysterious Wish Pickle is delivered to Sesame Street.
  • Elmo's Playdate

    What if kids could connect with their Sesame Street pals for a virtual playdate?
  • The Magical Wand Chase

    Abby loses her wand on a magical hot air balloon ride! Without it, they can't go home!
  • Sesame Street Gets Through a Storm

    A hurricane blew through Sesame Street.
  • Once Upon a Sesame Street Christmas

    It's Christmas Eve on Sesame Street!
  • The Cookie Thief

    Cookie Monster becomes the prime suspect when art disappears from the cookie art museum.

About Sesame Street

Sesame Street provides a comprehensive curriculum that supports preschoolers' cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. Children learn to use their imaginations, build social skills, and respect people’s differences.<br/> <strong>Ages:</strong> 3-5<br/> <strong>Educational Goal:<\/strong> Social and Emotional Growth, Language and Literacy, Creative Arts, Health