Real tween girls put science and engineering to work in their everyday lives.


  • Cartoon Coders

    The SciGirls create a computer animation urging kids to take positive action.
  • Super Sensors

    Inspired by NASA satellite cameras, SciGirls build and code their own wildlife cameras.
  • Game Changers

    Jolie and friends team up with professional game designers to create their own board game.
  • High Tech Tide

    SciGirls in Florida unite with marine biologists to digitally track spotted eagle rays.
  • Asombrosos Arboles | Terrific Trees

    SciGirls in Puerto Rico explore the benefits that big trees bring to their ecosystem.
  • Mejorando Procesos | Process Power

    SciGirls in Phoenix partner with an industrial engineer to help students in need.
  • Atletas Maravillosos| Awesome Athletes

    San Diego SciGirls team up with a sports medicine physician to create a fitness boot camp.
  • EscuadrĂ³n Espacial | Space Squad

    Texas SciGirls team with a NASA materials engineer to create water bottle insulators.

About SciGirls

SciGirls showcases bright, curious, real tween girls putting science and engineering to work in their everyday lives. <br/> <strong>Ages:</strong> 8-12 <br/> <strong>Educational Goal:</strong> Science