Point Taken

POINT TAKEN debates a topic Americans care about.


  • Should Organs Be Sold?

    Hosted by Carlos Watson with Abigail Blanco, Amy Holmes, Michele Goodwin, and Nahel Elias.
  • Is Technology Making Us Smarter or Dumber?

    Are we getting dumber as our phones get smarter?
  • Should Paying for Sex Be a Crime?

    Watch the full debate beginning May 31 at 11/10C.
  • Is the US Moving Too Quickly or Too Slowly on Gender Rights?

    How will our country will perceive gender in the future?
  • Is the US Doing More Harm or Good in the Middle East?

    Has our military presence and aid improved the situation in the Middle East?
  • Should the US Pay Reparations to Black Americans?

    History can’t be rewritten, but can it be redressed?
  • Should Salaries Be Transparent?

    Should salaries be transparent, or is there a better way to achieve equitable pay?
  • Is College Worth the Price Tag?

    Can we afford to send our kids to college? Or in today’s job market, can we afford not to?

About Point Taken

Enough shouting. Let’s use our inside voices. Each week, POINT TAKEN debates a topic Americans care about. We deliver smart, interesting guests who can disagree without being disagreeable. Come learn something you didn't know, and maybe laugh a little.