Plum Landing

Join Plum, an alien from Planet Blorb, and her earthling friends as they explore Earth.


  • The Haunted Shipyard Mystery

    Are YOU brave enough to explore a haunted shipyard? At night??
  • Plant Your Socks!

    Why just wear socks when you can plant them and watch them grow!
  • Wild, Wild Life

    “Never push a button when you don’t know what it does!” (Wise, wise words from Cooper.)
  • Why We Live in the City!

    Why would a wild animal ever want to live in a big city? Plum will strum the answer!
  • The Manta Ray Mystery

    Plum is worried - seems there’s a giant fish living in the city! Could it be true?
  • Where Does All the Snow Go?

    Curious Blorbians want to know – where does all the city snow go?
  • Cook an Egg!

    If you absolutely HAD to cook your breakfast on the sidewalk – could you do it?
  • When Animals are Thirsty...

    There’s water hiding everywhere – if you just know where to look!

About Plum Landing

Join Plum, a purple alien from Planet Blorb, and her five earthling friends on an epic exploration of Planet Earth. Trek across deserts, plunge over waterfalls, climb mountains and jam through the jungle on mega-fun Missions from Plum!<br/> <strong>Ages:</strong> 6-9<br/> <strong>Educational Goal:<\/strong> Science