Pacific Heartbeat

An anthology series that provides viewers a glimpse of the real Pacific.


  • American Aloha: Hula Beyond Hawai'i

    AMERICAN ALOHA: HULA BEYOND HAWAI’I tells the stories of three kumu hula
  • Tokyo Hula

    Today it is estimated there are nearly 2 million people dancing hula in Japan
  • Stan

    This breathtakingly honest and brave documentary follows 26-year-old musician Stan Walker
  • For My Father's Kingdom

    FOR MY FATHER’S KINGDOM follows Tongan pensioner Saia Mafile’o and his family
  • The Australian Dream

    THE AUSTRALIAN DREAM unravels the inspirational story of Indigenous AFL legend Adam Goodes
  • Born This Way: Awa's Story/The Rogers

    Stories about transgender people in the Pacific Islands
  • Power Meri

    Power Meri follows Papua New Guinea's first national women's rugby league team
  • Anote's Ark

    The Pacific Island nation of Kiribati is one of the most remote places on the planet.

About Pacific Heartbeat

Pacific Heartbeat is a national public television series of critically acclaimed documentaries that provides an authentic glimpse into the Pacific Islander experience. Creative and beautifully told stories about arts, culture and intimate human stories, the series features a diverse array of programs intended to draw viewers into the heart and soul of Pacific Island culture.