This Old House

TV's original home-improvement show.


  • E27 | Scandinavian Modern | Summer Special

    Follow the renovation of an 1887 two-family home to an open Scandinavian-style one-family
  • E26 | Dorchester Triple Decker | Our 3 Decker

    The Dorchester triple decker is complete. Carol and her family can finally return home.
  • E25 | Dorchester Triple Decker | Almost Home

    Final touches are happening at the triple decker in preparation for Carols homecoming.
  • E24 | Dorchester Triple Decker | Roof University

    Roof installation class; vinyl plank floor in kitchen; cabinet touch up; new French doors.
  • E23 | Dorchester Triple Decker | Finish Work Begins

    Tom installs cabinets; Window trim class; Three hot water units; Appliance shopping.
  • E22 | Dorchester Triple Decker | Three of Everything

    Apprentices patch plaster; installing a sprinkler system; tile shopping; glass door repair
  • E21 | Dorchester Triple Decker | A Project for Every Floor

    Apprentices from YouthBuild; cabinet and counter shopping; HVAC systems for three levels.
  • E20 | Dorchester Triple Decker | Urban Oasis

    Patio teamwork; rewire a ceiling; install fire door; new bathtub; replacement window.


  • Welcome Home from This Old House | Joe Beimfohr

    The freedom of an accessible home allows Joe Beimfohr to explore his athletic passions.
  • Welcome Home from This Old House | Alex & Holly Dillmann

    Moving into a Homes for Our Troops home has given this couple a chance to start a family.
  • Welcome Home from This Old House | Justin Gaertner

    Justin Gaertner's new house has helped him restart his life and take on new adventures.

About This Old House

This Old House, with pros Tom Silva, Richard Trethewey, Jenn Nawada, and host Kevin O'Connor, is TV's original home-improvement show, following one whole-house renovation over several episodes.