This Old House

TV's original home-improvement show.


  • E13 | Concord Country Cape | Race to the Finish

    Roofing underlayment, a mantle and linear drain are installed. Clapboards are painted.
  • E12 | Concord Country Cape | Toasty Cars

    A new exterior trim is used. The garage gets radiant heating. The homeowners tile.
  • E11 | Concord Country Cape | Smaller is Better

    A skylight is installed. Mini duct system is discussed. A rotted wood gutter is replaced.
  • E10 | Concord Country Cape | Planting for the Future

    Kevin meets woodworker Paul Grothouse. Dormers are insulated. Front yard is planted.
  • E9 | Concord Country Cape | Focus on Framing

    A wall is framed. Lighting and electrical panels are discussed. A ridge beam is replaced.
  • E8 | Concord Country Cape | Roughing It

    A window opening is reframed. An old school gets restored. Deck and pipes are discussed.
  • E7 | Concord Country Cape | Masonry Lessons

    A block wall is constructed. Old floor joists are shimmed. The kitchen is laid out.
  • E6 | Concord Country Cape | Tree Dr. House Call

    A Flitch beam is installed. Tree maintenance is performed. Sheathing systems are explored.


  • Welcome Home from This Old House | Joe Beimfohr

    The freedom of an accessible home allows Joe Beimfohr to explore his athletic passions.
  • Welcome Home from This Old House | Alex & Holly Dillmann

    Moving into a Homes for Our Troops home has given this couple a chance to start a family.
  • Welcome Home from This Old House | Justin Gaertner

    Justin Gaertner's new house has helped him restart his life and take on new adventures.

About This Old House

This Old House, with trusted experts Tom Silva, Richard Trethewey, Jenn Nawada, and host Kevin O'Connor, is TV's original home-improvement show, following one whole-house renovation over several episodes.