This Old House

TV's original home-improvement show.


  • E18 | West Roxbury Victorian | Pruning 101

    Interior beams and house wrap are installed. A willow is pruned. An opening is widened.
  • E17 | West Roxbury Victorian | Small Town in a Big City

    It's a brand-new project. We meet a new builder Deliandro and homeowners Robyn and Derek.
  • E16 | Concord Country Cape | Cinderella Story

    The 1880s Country Cape is finished. The cast reflects on the changes that have been made.
  • E15 | Concord Country Cape | Crafty Finishes

    Kitchen garden beds are created. Recessed lighting and floating countertop are installed.
  • E14 | Concord Country Cape | Sunshine Power

    The deck and solar panels are installed. Heating is discussed. The basement is insulated.
  • E13 | Concord Country Cape | Race to the Finish

    Roofing underlayment, a mantle and linear drain are installed. Clapboards are painted.
  • E12 | Concord Country Cape | Toasty Cars

    A new exterior trim is used. The garage gets radiant heating. The homeowners tile.
  • E11 | Concord Country Cape | Smaller is Better

    A skylight is installed. Mini duct system is discussed. A rotted wood gutter is replaced.

About This Old House

This Old House, with trusted experts Tom Silva, Richard Trethewey, Jenn Nawada, and host Kevin O'Connor, is TV's original home-improvement show, following one whole-house renovation over several episodes.