Not Done: Women Remaking America

Chart the last 5 years of the women's movement and its intersectional fight for equality.


  • Women in Business

    Makers: Women in Business looks at the women who took the world of business by storm.
  • Women in War

    Makers: Women in War looks at American women’s increasing participation in war.
  • Women in Space

    Makers: Women in Space traces the history of women pioneers in the U.S. space program.
  • Women in Hollywood

    Makers: Women in Hollywood showcases the women of showbiz.
  • Women in Comedy

    Makers: Women in Comedy tracks the rise of women in the world of comedy.
  • Part Three: Charting a New Course

    A focused look at the workplace, where women crashed through the glass ceiling.
  • Part Two: Changing the World

    In the 1970s, feminism reshaped the relationships between men and women
  • Part One: Awakening

    The story of the birth of the modern Women’s Movement.


About Not Done: Women Remaking America

Chart the last five years of the women’s movement and its re-energized, intersectional fight for equality. Activists, journalists, entertainers, athletes, and politicians report from the frontlines of the feminist tidal wave.