Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

With music and make-believe, Mister Rogers helps kids develop social and emotional skills.


  • Curiosity: A Violinist Visits

    A visit with violinist Hilary Hahn. Hula Mouse brings friends back from outer space.
  • Nighttime Fears: Nighttime in Make-Believe

    It’s nighttime in Make-Believe. We visit a flashlight factory.
  • Giving & Receiving: Eric Carle Visit

    Author and illustrator Eric Carle visits Mister Rogers.
  • Mistakes: Nobody's Perfect

    Andy Holiner teaches folk songs to children; Prince Tuesday learns that nobody's perfect.
  • Brave & Strong: Mister Rogers Gets a Shot

    Mister Rogers Gets a Shot.
  • Learning: Learning is Everywhere!

    Maggie Stewart sings a song and teaches it in sign language.
  • Learning: Construction Paper Factory

  • Learning: Playing the Kazoo with Ella Jenkins

    Folk singer Ella Jenkins teaches a song; Fred Rogers and grandson pretend to be elephants.


About Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Mister Rogers offers children a place where they feel accepted and understood. The show helps children to develop social and emotional skills necessary in a community through conversation, songs, visits with neighbors and guests, and puppet stories. Ages:2-5. Educational Goal: Social and Emotional Growth, Creative Arts