Milk Street

Milk Street seeks to transform the way America cooks, and eats.


  • South American Classics

    Peek into the foods of South America, notably Colombia and Peru.
  • Chicken the Chinese Way

    Bring Chinese cooking techniques to the home kitchen.
  • A Trip to Senegal

    Christopher Kimball visits Senegal to learn North African cooking techniques.
  • Middle East Favorites

    Learn light and bright recipes of the Middle East.
  • The Japanese Quick Cook

    Christopher Kimball and the Milk Street Cooks prepare Japanese-Style Rice.
  • Chicken from Paris to the Middle East

    Elevate simple chicken recipes by using techniques and flavors from around the world.
  • Porchetta at Home

    Christopher Kimball and the Milk Street Cooks prepare a hearty Fennel-Rosemary Porchetta.
  • South African BBQ

    Explore the various colors, flavors and textures of South African cooking.

About Milk Street

Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street follows the journey from first bite to kitchen-tested recipe. Each episode gives viewers the chance to meet cooks from around the world and to see how their inspiration results in the new home cooking.