Clifford the Big Red Dog

Emily Elizabeth and Clifford brave exciting new adventures together!


  • The Birdwell Times/Night at the Library

    Emily Elizabeth and Samantha write a newspaper. / The Birdwell library has a sleepover.
  • Clifford's Hiccups/It's My Party

    Clifford gets a bad case of the hiccups! / Jetta expects everyone to do things her way.
  • Flood of Imagination/Lights Out

    Clifford imagines an adventure on a rainy day. / Clifford helps during a power failure.
  • Come Back, Mac/Boo!

    Mac ruins Jetta's "most favoritest" sweater. / It's Scary Movie night on Birdwell Island.
  • Too Many Pets/Clifford’s On His Own (Season 3)

    Emily Elizabeth and Clifford open a pet daycare. / Clifford is spending a night alone.
  • Searchers of the Lost Coin/Birdwell Backwards (Season 3)

    Pablo loses his lucky coin. / It's Backwards Day for Clifford and Emily Elizabeth!
  • The Spectacle Spectacular/The New Babysitter (Season 3)

    Anthony learns glasses can be cool! / Emily Elizabeth and Clifford have a new babysitter.
  • An End By Every Friend/Bailey’s Starry Night! (Season 3)

    Emily Elizabeth's book is missing the last page! / Clifford hosts Bailey for a sleepover.

About Clifford the Big Red Dog

Come and Play with Clifford the Big Red Dog! Your favorite big red dog is back with all new stories, songs, and adventures. Through the power of play and imagination, Emily Elizabeth, Clifford, and a brand new cast of friends are learning that the differences between us - even big, red differences - can often be the things that bring us closer together.