Teacher Recertification Courses FAQ

Teacher taking an online recertification course



In order to adhere to our Governor's directive to engage in proactive measures to slow the spread of COVID 19 in our state and protect the health and safety of all citizens, the ETV Education team will be working remotely as much as possible for the remainder of March.

The ETV Teacher Recertification courses will proceed as usual. We will be reviewing your work and continue to be responsive to your questions/issues.

  • The best way to reach us during this time is by email:  sokonek@scetv.org   (Sherry O'Konek)
  • If you call the SCETVLearn Helpline (888-761-8132), you will need to leave a message and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.
    • In any communication, please provide your name, phone #, course title (if your question is in reference to a certain course),  and your question/issue as detailed as possible so we may investigate the issue before returning your call.
    • We attached the General Information and Course Site guide to reference. Information in this document may immeidately help resolve the issue(s) you are having.
      • PLEASE NOTE: there is a video troubleshooting section if you find you are having problems playing the videos

Thank you for your attention and patience.


Participants cannot access courses to start work until actual start date of the session.

If you have any questions after reviewing this page, please contact ETV at 1-888-761-8132 or sokonek@scetv.org.

(All previous sessions can be accessed in the COURSE SESSIONS ARCHIVES)

  *Complete by December 2

Specifics on Course Sites

  • You do NOT register on the SCETVLearn site - this site is ONLY for completing your course work.
  • When you register for your course(s), you will be prompted to create an account.
  • If you already took a course and are registering with the same email address, your previous account information should be used to register and login to the course site.
  • Each course has topics which consist of a lesson (video) and a Discussion Topic ( a questions to which you supply an ~100 word response).
  • The number of topics vary from course to course  - there are between 8-10 hours of video to view in each course, regardless of number of videos (if there are more videos/topics it just means they are shorter in duration).
  • Please see the General Structure and Course Site Guide for specific information.

Specifics on Recertification Courses

  • All coursesare  approved by SC Department of Education Office of Educator services for renewal credit.
  • Renewal Credit only (NO Graduate Credit).
  • Courses only open to educators with SC Teachers Certificate.
  • Participants are responsible for getting approval that courses meet your own individual needs.
    • If you have questions concerning your recertification or status, go to the Certification Page on the Dept of Education website.
  • Participants are responsible for submitting certificate of Completion to District Renewal/PD Coordinator or SDE Office of Educator Services.
  • ETV will submit a list of completers to SDE Office of Educators Services within 10 working days after each session end date.
  • Approximate Session Periods
    • Winter:  Mid-January - Early March
    • Spring: (These are shorter sessions to provide more opportunity to earn credit before end of SDE renewal cycle)
      •  I:  Mid-March - Early May
      • II:  Early Mid-May - Mid-June
    • Summer:  Early July - Mid/Late August
    • Fall:  Early October - Early December

One Hour - 20 Renewal Credit Courses

  • All courses that are offered in each session are 20 renewal credits - : Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring I, and Spring II.
  • Each course earns 20 renewal credits (NO Graduate Credit).
  • Cost: $75 per course.
  • All courses are self-paced (all work is completed online, anytime from anywhere - must complete by session end date).
  • Participants will view video lessons online and then post a response to discussion topics. Each response is required to be at least 100 words. 

** ONLY OFFERED DURING WINTER SESSION  **  3 Hour - 60 Renewal Credit Course

Natural History In and Out of the Classroom with Rudy Mancke - only offered once a year in the Winter session

  • ONLY offered in the Winter session.
  • Earns 60 renewal credits (NO Graduate Credit).
  • Cost: $200 (class Limited to 25 participants).
  • Self-paced within four deadlines for assignments (see synopsis).
  • Required face-to-face meeting with Rudy Mancke at ETV in Columbia the last day of course (see synopsis on course main page for date of meeting)

Payment Information

Pay online  with credit card or send check at the time of registration.

Send check to:

SCETV Education
ATTN: Erical Jones
1041 George Rogers Blvd.
Columbia, SC 29201

We do not accept American Express.

Certificate Information

Once all work and final evaluation questions are completed and approved, your Certificate of Completion will unlock for you access online and print (be sure to keep a copy for your records).

It is the PARTICIPANT'S RESPONSIBILITY to provide the Certificate(s) of Completion to:

  • If you are currently employed in a SC school district, you must submit copy of Certificate(s) of Completion to your District Renewal/PD Coordinator
  • If you are NOT currently employed in a SC school district, you must submit copy of Certificate(s) of Completion, along with Request for Change/Action form to SDE Office of Educator Services


  • SDE Office of Educator Services
    SC Archives and Archives Building
    8301 Parklane Road
    Columbia, SC 29223
  • Call Center Hours: Monday - Friday except on state holidays
  • Monday - Wednesday, Friday | 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
  • Thursday | 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm
  • Phone: 803-896-0325
  • Email | certification@ed.sc.gov


If you have any questions, please contact ETV at 1-888-761-8132 or jones@scetv.org.