Rudy Mancke

The Tulip Tree

By Rudy Mancke

A Tulip Tree in flower.

One common name for this tree is "Tulip Poplar." However, it is not in the poplar family, but in the magnolia.

It's Bird Migration Time

By Rudy Mancke

A Summer Tanager.

Whether passing through or nesting here for the summer, there are lots of species returning to South Carolina right now.


The Sora

By Rudy Mancke

The Sora (Porzana carolina) is a small waterbird, sometimes also referred to as the Sora Rail or Sora Crake.

This species is found around fresh water marshes and flooded fields.

Grass Carp

By Rudy Mancke

Grass Carp.

These fish are a non-native species.