Thriving on the State House Grounds

By Mike Switzer

John Fellows

Not too long ago, our capital city received a grant from the Knight Foundation to design a program that would encourage people to gather and linger on the State House grounds.  The idea being that thriving public spaces are good not just for wholesome communities but for the local economy, as well.  It has been implemented now for several weeks and our next guest has a report on results so far.

Mike Switzer interview John Fellows, planning administrator for the City of Columbia, SC.

Turning Social Networks Over to the Users

By Mike Switzer

South Carolina Business Review logo

The social media world is fast evolving as Facebook and others work on new privacy policies and their associated algorithms.  There are even new forms of social networks appearing that want to turn control of these types of platforms over to the users and away from the “powers that be”.  Our next guest sees that trend as a business opportunity.

Mike Switzer interviews Rosemary O’Neill, co-founder of Narrative, based in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

Are You a Public Service Employee With Student Loan Debt?

By Mike Switzer

South Carolina Business Review logo

Unless you have or had a student loan, you may not have heard of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program which began in 2007 with a simple idea: provide debt relief to borrowers in critical but often low-paying careers after they make 10 years of timely student loan repayments. Law enforcement employees and public school teachers are examples of those who would be eligible.  But in the spring 2017, many individuals who chose those types of careers learned that their federal student loans may not qualify for this relief after all.

The Importance of Real ID for Business Travelers

By Mike Switzer

Kevin Shwedo

Even with the growth and popularity of teleconferencing, many businesses still find face-to-face meetings and in-person conferences fruitful and therefore, imperative to their success.  And many of these meetings require boarding an airplane.  Which is why our next guest wants you to know about the looming deadline for Real ID, an upcoming federal requirement for air travel.

Promoting STEM Education

By Mike Switzer

Guarav Sangal

Most people are aware of the many efforts in the education sector over the past several years to increase and improve our children’s exposure to science, technology, engineering, and math: known as STEM so that eventually, maybe more high school graduates might consider one of those career fields where demand remains high.  Our next guest has decided to turn his STEM experience into an entrepreneurial venture to further this educational trend.

Mike Switzer interviews Gaurav Sangal, a franchisee of STEM for Kids in Columbia, SC.

Hub City: Voice of the South

By Raven Furber

Hub City Voices

Spartanburg is becoming a cultural hub for South Carolina. Starting in 1995, the Hub City Writers Project started as a group of published writers who wanted to celebrate their city. Now, the Writers Project has expanded to include a fully functioning press, as well as a community-funded bookstore. In addition to their Summer Publishing Internship, the Hub City Writers Project also hosts their annual Writing in Place conference and a residency program for developing writers.  

Upstate Artist Wins "Building" Art Competition

By Mike Switzer

Nancy Oppenheimer

Artists often find that making a living as an artist can be very difficult.  Besides competing with other artists for space in galleries, another possible source of revenue can be winning art competitions.  One that we’ve recently learned about involves art commissioned for public buildings.  28 states have programs requiring or encouraging new public building projects to include art as a percent of their construction budget.  South Carolina is one of those states and our next guest is one of those winners.