Upstate Business Has Gone to the Dogs

By Mike Switzer

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Many of us around the country find ourselves on our sofas glued to the TV on Thanksgiving.  OK maybe it’s because we can’t move after stuffing on stuffing, but let’s face it, the National Dog Show is fascinating!  (You probably thought I was going to mention the parade or football.)  Our next guest is capitalizing on the need for well-behaved dogs, building a significant dog-training business not only in the Upstate where she is headquartered, but all over the country and now the globe.

Can Chatbots Connect You to City Government?

By Victoria Hansen

North Charleston uses chatbot for customer service

Bratton Riley has a true appreciation of city workers, whether they're picking up our trash or keeping us safe.  The 44 year-old has had a bird's eye view as the son of former Charleston City Mayor Joe Riley.  But he knows not everyone shares that appreciation.  Dealing with government can be difficult.  So he's created a chatbot called Citibot  in hopes of making it more accessible.

S.C. Rich in Small Business Resources

By Mike Switzer

Gregg White

Starting and running a small business takes a lot of work.  And in many cases, a lot of assistance.  Fortunately, there are several organizations in our state that can help a small business and our next guest runs one that also supports two more.

Co-work Expanding in Greenville

By Mike Switzer

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Each month, our next guest’s company brings in top marketers from national and international brands such as The Ritz Carlton, Southwest Airlines, and Chick-fil-A to speak to his customers in an intimate setting about the strategies they use to push their brands beyond their competition.  That intimate setting is the fast-growing phenomenon known as a co-work space.

Mike Switzer interviews Joe Erwin, president of Endeavor in Greenville, SC.