Leading Through Changing Times

By Mike Switzer

Ron Harvey

Owning and/or managing a small business is not a small task.  Technologies change, communities change, employees change; how does a leader keep up and lead at the same time?

Mike Switzer interviews Ron Harvey with GCS Consulting in Columbia, SC.

Improving Your Business Creativity

By Mike Switzer

Tim Floyd

Maintaining creativity in your business can be difficult when there are so many other tasks in front of you.  But our next guest says that the last thing you should want you business to be is predictable and hum-drum. 

Mike Switzer interviews Tim Floyd, founder of Tim Floyd Creative in Lexington, SC.

Why You Need a Will

By Alfred Turner

South Carolina Business Review logo

You probably heard that when Aretha Franklin passed away, she did not have a will, leaving an estate worth approximately $60 million that will end up paying close to $20 million in taxes.  And our next guest says you don’t have to have a multi-million dollar estate to need a will, but many people continue to never make one.

Economic Outlook Conference Set for Dec. 4, 2018

By Alfred Turner

Joey Von Nessen

Joey Von Nessen Credit Mike Switzer/SC Public Radio  After a decade of economic expansion, what’s next?  Continued growth?  Another recession?  These are the questions that our next guest says will soon be addressed at his school’s upcoming annual forecast.

Surviving After Newsprint

By Mike Switzer

Cindi Scoppe

If you have been a subscriber to The State newspaper, based in Columbia, SC, anytime over the past 30 years, you probably know our next guest’s name and her writing very well.  Recently however, she fell victim to the continuing decline of the print media industry, newspapers in particular, and is now out on her own.

Mike Switzer interviews Cindi Scoppe, a former opinion writer and editor for The State newspaper in Columbia.

Making the Most of Your Retirement Plan

By Mike Switzer

Joy Watkins

Most would probably agree that the number one goal in retirement planning is to be sure your money outlives you and not the other way around.  For example, a healthy non-smoking couple retiring at age 62 should plan on needing 30 years of income – that’s a long time.  But our next guest says there is a lot more to retirement planning than calculating a lifetime income stream.

Mike Switzer interviews Joy Watkins, a certified financial planner with Anchor Investment Management in Columbia, SC.