Old Town Farmers Market: Where Rock Hill Shops Local

By Shannon Simmons

Old Town Farmer's Market in Rock Hill

Homegrown fruits, vegetable, and meats are just some of the things you can find at the Old Town Farmers Market.  Originally starting as a Thursday evening event, the market has grown and partnered with local restaurant Legal Remedy Brewing to host more events. Sarah Key, City of Rock Hill event supervisor, shares that “this is our first year partnering with Legal Remedy for a spring market that’s gone so well, it’s moved into a summer market and

SC Film Incentives Reinstated

By Mike Switzer

South Carolina Business Review logo

In case you missed it, the TV and film production industry in our state recently received a boost when Governor McMaster signed into law a proviso that reinstates wage and supplier rebates.  Our next guest has been lobbying for this for a while and says it puts us on a little more level playing field with our neighboring states.

Mike Switzer interviews Linda Lee, president of the Carolina Film Alliance in Charleston, South Carolina.

Small Town Tea Room Attracts Many Visitors

By Tabitha Safdi and Rebecca Dymock

Ladies enjoying tea at Laura's Tea Room

The small town of Ridgeway doesn't have a large population, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in charm and warmth. One of the big attractions to the town is Laura's Tea Room, where owner Carol Allen says the tea room experience is about more than having tea.

"Having tea at Laura's Tea Room is more than just great food, properly brewed tea and flavored iced tea. It is an experience of a lifetime," says Allen. She urges guests to slow down and really enjoy being together.

SC Podcaster Wins Peabody Award

By Mike Switzer

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Podcasts continue to gain ground as a popular form of entertainment and information.  Take ours, for example. But ours is also tied to an actual over-the-air radio show. Our next guest says there’s a lot more involved in starting one from scratch that only airs over the Internet.

Mike Switzer interviews Jack Hitt, a South Carolina native and co-founder of the 2017 Peabody-award-winning podcast “Uncivil”, based in Brooklyn, NY.

From Idea to Market in Six Months

By Mike Switzer

Joe Ortiz

If you are a regular listener of this show, you have heard many of our state’s entrepreneurial stories.  But I can’t remember one where a product went from an idea to reality as fast as the one created by our next guest.

Mike Switzer interviews Joe Ortiz, founder of Joe Cup, based in Blythewood, SC.

Nonprofits Can Be Entrepreneurs, Too

By Alfred Turner

Tomas Mendez

As our population continues to age, the members of this aging population are more and more demanding to finish living out their lives at home rather than in an institution.  Two years ago, our next guest’s nonprofit organization noticed this trend and decided to respond with an entrepreneurial venture.

Charitable Gifting Under the New Tax Law

By Mike Switzer

Abby Mason

If you’ve been perusing the new tax law, you may have noticed that individual taxpayers will still be allowed to deduct charitable contributions, however our next guest says that receiving a tax benefit for those charitable contributions may become more difficult.

Mike Switzer interviews Abby Mason, a certified financial planner with Abacus Planning Group in Columbia, SC.