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Professional Major Keys | Endowment Intern Imani

By Imani King

Key alert

Once again, I have learned valuable lessons and experiences during my internship. With more projects that require attention and efficiency, I have had to create a schedule and lists for myself, and systems for how I plan to work. I’ve broken down my experiences into different lessons.

Lesson 1)

The Columbia Floods and the Problem with Impervious Surfaces

By Imani King

The Columbia floods and the Impervious Problem

The word catastrophic was coined to describe the 2015 floods in Columbia, South Carolina. The severe flooding trapped residents in their homes, standing by for rescue teams' assistance. Photos from the Weather Channel compare normal conditions to flood conditions and the difference is alarming. The flood that reaped havoc two years ago has left a stain of concern among the students of the University of South Carolina and of the capital city.

My Trip Into a Virtual World | Endowment Intern Imani

By Imani King

The SC State house

After my experience this week at ETV, I can confidently say that virtual reality is the future. And if you may doubt this claim, you must film using one these cameras, it will “wow” even the most technologically savvy. The camera takes a 360 scan and in high tech unison with an ipad, it captures whatever is in it radius.

Furman Student's Experience with Greenville's BlueCross BlueShield Internship

By Imani King

Meg Demaar on her first day at BCBSSC

BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina is the only South Carolina-owned and operated health insurance carrier. They have been offering security to Palmetto State citizens for more than 65 years and is one of South Carolina's largest employers. In addition to their service to South Carolinians, they have a comprehensive internship. Their program allows interns to learn the different facets of the department and gain professional experience by shadowing meetings.

Cubicle, Computer, Pen, Paper. GO. | Endowment Intern Imani

By Imani King

My first professional desk

I have done it. I have officially entered into a professional environment where I am presented with a comfy cubicle, legal pads, pens and a classified password that allows me access and write various content. I am affiliated with an organization that has a ".org"; and I cannot think of anything that sounds more professional and credible than ".org". In my first week I was launched into a space of professionals who practice digital control and mastery of telecommunications. My first week at ETV has been the best whirlwind an inexperienced intern could ask for.