Tara Lenertz

New and Wonderful Experiences | Endowment Intern Tara

By Tara Lenertz

Tara- Voiceover

Between the excitement of cannon bursts (don’t worry, they were blanks) and working on my main project, it has been a lively couple of weeks. Today marks the halfway point of my internship, and it’s hard to believe how quickly it’s going by. I have learned so much since the last time I blogged, and I am eager to share my new experiences with you.

Fun-Filled First Weeks! | Endowment Intern Tara

By Tara Lenertz

Shot of SCETV control room

I have always had an enormous passion for public media, so the opportunity to participate in the ETV Endowment Internship Program this summer at SCETV in Columbia, S.C., feels like a dream come true! It’s hard to believe that I am already finishing my second week here. Every day has been filled with so many new and exciting experiences that the time seems to be flying by.